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When Families Choose Home Funerals

Lee Webster, NHFREA & PBCH

Many people are unaware that they have the right to care for their own loved ones who have died, in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Nationally recognized author, funeral thought leader, and Plymouth resident Lee Webster explores how home funerals work legally and practically, and how New Hampshirites can participate in making funerals more affordable, environmentally friendly, and meaningful.

When Families Choose Green Burials

Lee Webster, NHFREA & PBCH

As we move away from conventional burials with toxic chemical embalming, concrete vaults, steel caskets, we are exploring sustainable and family-friendly burials. Green, or natural, burial is gaining momentum in New Hampshire as it is in the rest of the country, with several new green burial cemeteries in place and more on the way. Former president of the Green Burial Council, Lee Webster, explains what green burials are, what it’s like to attend one, and why you might want to rethink your exit strategy.

See the Home Funerals & Green Burials page for more information.

Nurtition As We Age NEW Thumbnail

Nutrition As We Age

Ann Peterrson, MSHC

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Staying Fit Indoors and Out


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